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Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by tazz5213, May 25, 2013.

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    My DD was awarded a NROTC scholarship back in April. After looking at everyone's post, we seem to be a little behind in the process. no fault of our own, that is a whole other story. She has just finished all of medical stuff with DoDMerb and DQ'd for a shoulder injury. Which seems to be a common thing with applicants. Can't seem to play sports and not get injured and expect to get a scholarship.
    Now that she was DQ'D, is the waiver process automatic? We have been waiting for a letter, which hasn't arrived yet, to tell us what our next step is. Or does the ROTC unit she was going to join start the process? I am a Navy wife and I do know the meaning of hurry up and wait, but we need to know if she will be able to attend college or not. She has been so focused all her life in this one direction, we really didn't have a back up plan, which I know was very silly now that I look back.
    I just need a little reassurance that things are moving.
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    It's my understanding that the waiver request is automatic. Nevertheless I would recommend contacting her unit (work every phone number you can find since it's summer) and see what they can tell you. Alternatively there are some phone numbers on the NROTC Scholarship web site you can try and I bet there are some in any mail you received. They should know her status. And I'm sure KNOWING, instead of comments here, would go much further to ease your mind. Good luck to your DD on the waiver.

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