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Discussion in 'Service Academy Parents' started by Whatisnext2017, Feb 11, 2013.

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    Jan 19, 2013
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    DS has appointments to both USCGA and USMMA. Any advice on how to help him assess each option or do we just stay out of the way? He has visited both, but is tight lipped about any preference.
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    Jan 31, 2013
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    No offense intended...

    But you said that your son is tight lipped about his preference. He's been identified as one of the best of the best. If he's like my boys, he's probably smarter than his parents anyway.:smile:

    Your very question leads me to believe (and please forgive me if I'm wrong) that you are extremely involved in this process. It MUST be his decision. If you steer him one way or the other and it doesn't work out you will regret not letting him chart his own course.

    For my own sons, the end result (career) was the deciding factor.

    It is hard to step back and let them make their own way.

    Good luck to you and him. He is in for a fantastic experience whichever way he goes.
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    +1 to Maplerock. Were it me I would just tell him to think about what he wants to do while after graduation and then step back. It's not like he can really make a bad choice here except if it's bad with respect to his own heart and preferences.
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    He should find his answer in the above statement. The academy is only 4 years. The career can be a long time.
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    I would agree with the previous posters, he will make the decision in the end.

    When our boys were going through the same decision making process we never advised one school over the other. We did however make sure they both asked a lot of questions and did their research on each school so when they did make a decision it was based on information rather then "School X has a great Rec Center". Make sure he not only does research on the school but do research on what life will be after school, that's what really counts.

    If your son is thinking of going into one of the Armed Services Branches just make sure he talks with the USMMA about how that process works.
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    Oct 4, 2012
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    Which Academy

    I agree that in the end it needs to be his decision. As for me and my DS I am way into NAVY. But my DS wanted nothing to do with sea duty or ships. His idea of a good ship is one you can wake board behind. But he also has our love of flying and knew the air force was where he wanted to be. I did not push him in either direction and in the end he only applied for the air force as it was that of nothing. I know this was his decision and win or loose it will be what is best for him.

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