Help with physics classes


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Mar 25, 2016
I'm currently signing up for college classes, and physics is one that USNA takes a lot of interest in. At my college I have two choices for physics. Intro to Physics: Science and Engineering and Intro to Physics: Biology and Premed. I'm a biochem major so my advisor is pushing me towards the latter choice since it's in the same college as my major as the other is in the college of science and engineering. Would USNA care which one I took?
Well USNA is a STEM college so of course anything more STEM related would look best. The Academy is very largely STEM based so that's one thing to look at. If you could, take the Into to Physics: Science and Engineering, but really in the end it is what you would like to do. This also depends on your previous classes you took in High School and all. Are they strong in STEM? If not, taking the most amount of STEM classes while you can will be of great help.
It is not clear from your prior posts if: 1) you are already in college, 2) still in h.s. or 3) already in a college NROTC program. You can't just 'transfer' into USNA from college, so the advice we offer needs to comprehend exactly where you are currently.
Are they both calculus based? If so I'd say it doesn't matter too much, but if the biology and premed one is algebra based, I wouldn't go that route. Having a tough calculus based physics class under your belt will not only be beneficial to your application, but to you when you have to take it as a freshman at USNA