Help with Warrant Officer Route


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May 10, 2023
I'm looking into becoming a 153A (Rotary Wing Aviator Warrant Officer) in the Army and one of the requirements for. the package is to have a letter of recommendation from a currently serving Rotary Wing Aviator (CW3 to CW5). I'm not sure of how to go about getting this requirement fulfilled but if anyone knows someone I could reach out to, please let me know! Also any other advice or tips for my package would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
My DS is currently working on his PPL. The next hanger/property over from his schoolhouse hanger is an Army unit with UH-60’s. It might be worth a shot to look in your area and see if there is an Army aviation unit that you could visit. Just my two cents, others here on SAF probably have better options. Good luck!