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    I need help. I am not afraid to admit my ignorance about certain things - so don't go making fun of me. :wink:

    Apparantly, at the Service Academies - the student body is called The Brigade. I get that. I don't get all the other stuff underneath it. Platoon, Company etc............

    Does everyone in the same company live in the same barracks? Or same section of the barracks?

    Why are some Companies good and some Companies bad?

    I guess Companies can make their own "rules" - why is that? If a rule is good enough to be a rule shouldn't it be a rule for the entire Brigade?

    What is a tactical officer?

    Just wondering..................................
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    I hope this helps some. :smile:

    This was posted on plebe net recently:
    -At West Point, by congressional authorization, there are 4,000 cadets (This
    may change during our NC's 47 months going back to 4, 417)
    -There is one Brigade at West Point– 4,000 cadets; 4 Regiments with 1,000
    cadets each. Each Regiment is split into two Battalions – 500 cadets each.
    -And each Battalion has four companies each. Regimental companies (4 per
    Battalion) are letter A – H. Thus, there are 32 companies at West Point (4
    Regiments with 8 companies each).
    -Each Company is paired down to 4 Platoons. Each platoon has 4 squads and
    there are 2-3 teams per squad.
    -The Corps of Cadets has the following organization: (The number of cadets is

    1 Brigade (4,000 cadets) which consists of:
    4 Regiments (1,000 Cadets) which consist of:
    2 Battalions (500 cadets) which consist of:
    4 Companies (120 cadets) which consist of:
    4 Platoons (30 cadets) which consist of:
    4 Squads (7 cadets) which consist of:
    2–3 Teams (2–3 cadets)

    Not sure about this one. I think everyone in the same company lives in the same barracks.

    Per upperclass parents on plebe net some companies have reputations as “good” or “bad”. It is all perspective. Cadet leadership changes over time so you can’t really rely on past reputations.

    From the West Point AOG website:
    A Tactical Officer (TAC) is the legal Company Commander of a Cadet Company and the primary developer of cadets at the United States Military Academy (USMA), West Point, New York . He or she assists each cadet in balancing and integrating the requirements of the physical, military, academic, and moral-ethical programs. A "TAC" trains and coaches the cadet chain of command to establish and sustain high unit standards and behavior essential to a cohesive company environment. TACs have a senior NCO (SFC or MSG) assigned as their NCO partner (1SG equivalent)- together they form and model a professional command team for the cadets. TACs inspire cadets to develop effective leadership styles through role-modeling, counseling, teaching, and training. A Tactical Officer also presents formal and informal instruction to the company, implements special development programs for individual cadets as needed, and is responsible for all company administration.
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    At USNA, the Brigade of Midshipmen (4000+ midshipmen)is split into two regiments (2000+ midshipmen each) with each regiment made up of three battalions each. Each battalion is made up of five companies. Each company is broken down into four platoons of three squads each. Each squad has about twelve midshipmen each.

    The breakdown overall looks like this
    - Brigade of Midshipmen (4000+ midshipmen)
    - 2 Regiments (2000+ midshipmen each)
    - 6 Battalions (numbered 1-6, 600+ mishipmen each)
    - 30 Companies (numbered 1-30, about 140 midshipmen each)
    - 4 Platoons (numbered 1-4, about 40 midshipmen each)
    - 3 Squads (numbered 1-3, about 10 midshipmen each)

    At USNA, all midshipmen live inside Bancroft Hall, the largest single dormitory in the world. Besides 1700+ rooms, you'll also find under the same roof a barbershop, bank, travel office, textbook store, general store ("The Mid Store"), laundromat, uniform store, cobbler shop, the USNA branch of the United States Postal Service, and full medical & dental clinics. We even have our own ZIP code that is different from the rest of the Academy and Annapolis.
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    Thank you for explaining the USNA stuff. I have a plebe, but he's so busy right now, he really doesn't have time to take Mommy and Daddy by the hand and teach them.

    As far as the Hall and Yard, we had to drag my husband away, he was so impressed with it.
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    You are not silly for asking this! Im going to copy & paste this and save this! So I dont get confused!
    Thanks again for the explanation!:thumb:
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    Back in the day, it was as reflected in red above. The Brigade numbered approximately 4,500.

    I am wondering if there has ever been an "official" reason given for the change?

    U-S-N-A, 2-1-4-1-2!