Here we go again......

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by USMAROTCFamily, Jun 14, 2014.

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    DD graduated and is headed off to Notre Dame with her NROTC scholarship. She also had been awarded an AROTC Scholarship. In the end, she chose NROTC, as she wanted guaranteed active duty when she commissioned.

    Now we get to turn our attention to DS. He headed off to NASS at the Naval Academy today, was accepted to SLE at USMA, but went to Boys State instead and will begin his application process for ROTC scholarships soon, too. I wish there were more overlap in the schools that he likes that have both NROTC and AROTC so that he wouldn't have to apply to so many colleges in the fall. By the time we have the service academies, NROTC & AROTC schools, along with his financial safety schools we'll be looking at 12 college applications. I guess I'm glad all of this is still so fresh from just getting through it with DS, but each kid is a little different, so we'll see how this goes this year...........I'll be ready for a big vacation with my DH once these 2 are both off to college!
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    Good luck! I'm sure last years experience will make this years experience easier. :thumb:
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    Here we do again....


    We did almost the exact something we my DS. He went SS at USAFA, the Boys State.

    Good luck, God Bless and God Speed to your family,

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    My DS will be attending UW - Madison with an NROTC scholarship and his younger sister (rising soph) wants USCGA. So I have a bit of a reprieve before I have to get back in the saddle.

    Frankly, I hope it's a bit like labor and I forget a bit of the pain and anxiety before I have to start back up again. Next summer we'll tour the academy and then the real fun will begin!

    All the best to both your DD (my son was very impressed that she got ND NROTC) and to your son as well. You obviously have raised some outstanding kids and wherever they land I am sure they will excel.

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