Herndon 2016

Also the alumni association will be streaming it on their facebook page.
Capt MJ, that's a big ball of lard on top the Dixie cup! Incredible day for the c/o 2019. We took DS and several of his company mates out for dinner after the climb and asked, would you do it all over again? They replied, yes! They're looking forward to c/o 2020 as well as NASS (3 will be NASS detailers) - watch out candidates c/o 2021!
We had similar experience with our DD and friends we have gotten to know well this year.
Interesting event. They almost had it early on. Then got it at I think 1 hour 12 from seemingly nowhere near. For future plebe parents we were on Chapel side which is slightly higher ground and had excellent viewing.
Got there about 1 hour 2o mins before. Had a great time visiting with other plebe (not anymore!) parents from all over the country as well as the "link in the chain" 1969 alumni who showed up.
Very positive place to be today!!
Oh, and hilarious use of 18's on the monument with lard. Must be the class of 2018 who lards it up, right?
MIDN 4/C Chris Bianchi made it to the top of Herndon! He is the son of my USNA classmate and flight school room mate, CDR Kevin "Block" Bianchi, USNA85, who died in a CH-53 accident in Sigonella Sicily. Tragically for the Bianchi family, his older brother Bobby was also killed in a CH-46 accident in the Phillipines during my first WESTPAC deployment. Kevin's older brother Jimmy was also USNA graduate. Great to see the Bianchi family carry on their long family history of Naval service!