Hernia affect on AFROTC scholarship activation???


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Sep 9, 2018
Hello all, long-time reader, first-time poster. My son is a freshman at Virginia Tech on AFROTC scholarship. His scholarship has not been activated yet - I believe that occurs after he passes a PT test on 9/26.

He was just diagnosed with a minor hernia at the VT clinic. This was a result of doing a fireman carry with another cadet for a VT Corps of Cadets activity. The clinic wants him to see a surgeon to evaluate, and he got a two-week note for no PT. Hopefully minor, but waiting to find out if surgery needed and any PT restrictions.

Does anybody know the potential implications of this on scholarship activation - i.e. what happens if he cannot take the PT test as a result of an injury during a ROTC/VTCC activity?
He cannot activate the scholarship until he passes the PT. I would have him talk to the unit and make sure that the bursar knows of this situation so they will not place a lock on his account for a while.
Well, POTENTIALLY the scholarship will not be activated until he successfully completes the test. I'm sure, if he has a medical excuse, they will provide him another opportunity to take the PT test. Even without the medical excuse, if he hails, there will be other opportunities to take the test. However, he must still pass it by the end of the semester to activate the scholarship.
Find out what kind of hernia it is. If it’s small, and the surgeon doesn’t think it’s at risk for being incarcerated with physical activity, then he should knock out the PT test.

If it’s a large abdominal (>2cm), inguinal, or umbilical hernia, then he’ll need to get fixed. That’s a DQ and AFROTC can’t contract him even if he passes the PT test anyway.
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I agree with GoCubbies.

My DD went to VT, has your DS signed the paperwork allowing you to ask their financial account? If not have them do that today. He can do it on the computer. It has been years, but I seem to recall you than go back on and create your own account. You do not see grades, just the bill and the credits (scholarship and payments)

While he is working it out with the det. you can contact the bursar/financial aid and see what they will say about how long they will wait it out before they lock the account. They will only talk to you if your DS has authorized you onto his account.
~ In case you don't know what I mean by locking, it means they will not be able to register for spring semester, and believe it or not they start registering by mid-end Oct.

The beauty of VT is it is an SMC, and not a small ROTC unit. I am sure they go through this every year, so they should be able to get the answers you need very quickly.
Sorry to hear about your DS’s injury. I hope everything turns out well for him. As a parent, this has got to be a troubling time for you.