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Discussion in 'Merchant Marine Academy - USMMA' started by Superswimmer, Feb 12, 2012.

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    HI Everyone, I'm new on the forums but im seriously considering USMMA!! I've been working really hard with the swim coach (yes, im a swimmer) and after my remedial gets in I should get an appointment, hopefully- praying for it. I have so many questions about the academy i dont know where to begin. how can i contact friends and family? whats day to day life like? whats indoc like? what do i need for the academy? how much do i need thats not already paid for? I am from a small town called Boulder City, about 5 miles out from LAS VEGAS :shake: . im super stoked and super scared at the same time to be making a decision about college soon. please help me out to any of these questions or any advice would be great!!! thankyou so much these forums are awesome!
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    First off Superswimmer, welcome to the forums and I hope your swim times back up your handle, lol. Also this weekend was the Landmark Conference Championships and it appears your new team is kicking butt! If you search around you cam bring up the results pages and can see where you fit in. That's always fun. They had some great swims at this meet I hear. Why don't you back up and ask you questions a couple at time and use the history buttons and start reading. I found starting at the beginning and reading forward invaluable. Then you will be able to ask very specific questions you hadnt even thought of. :shake: Happy reading
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    Lynpar is right much of what you seek can be found on the archive of these pages. But sometimes an actual discussion can get you the answers you need. We received help from our area admission rep last year when my DS had most of the same type of questions and he really helped him work through it.

    The USMMA has Admission Field Reps throughout the US. Here is the link for those in Nevada (2 are in Las Vegas) http://www.usmma.edu/admissions/reps/statereps_NV.shtml

    Good luck with your decision!!!

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