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    I'm a caucasian male junior who lives in central Florida.

    GPA: 3.8666 (unweighted) 4.663 (weighted
    Class rank: 2/510

    Will have an A.S. Degree in Pre-Biology when I graduate from High School

    ECs: Quiz Bowl (4 years), Flute (4~5 years), Swimming (11th Place a districts 200 backstroke) (3 years) Key club (4 years, treasurer) Music Honor Society, Band officer, Tennis team (3 years) FBLA (3 years, VP and Reporter)

    Participation in summer volunteer programs 500+ community service hours; volunteering at a hospital this summer to earn more hours and medicine experience; volunteer every other weekend at church children’s ministry

    Other: Eagle Scout (boy scouts 6+ years), Latin (working knowledge), This summer attending Navy and Air Force summer seminars and leadership workshops, Junior Class homecoming rep. National English honor Society member

    Thats just a little info on me!
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    Welcome to the forum, it sounds like you're headed in the right direction for your applications. Good luck on getting your appointment and nomination. :thumb:

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