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Sep 14, 2008
Hi my name is Jackson, I am a sophmore in high school (class of 2011)in Cumming, Ga. I attended Academy Day in Warner Robins, GA yesterday and was reffered to these forums to help answer some of my questions about the Academy. In about a year or so I am gonna start my application to USMA, where i want to study Military History with a minor in arabic. After USMA I want to get into Rangers and possibly Special Forces.
Welcome, J. Leonard! :welcome1: Thank you for introducing yourself. Take a look around the forums, try out the search feature, and send some questions our way if you have them. USMA. I like your goal, but one could say I am a little biased...:biggrin:
Hi Jackson, Thanks for stopping in. We're glad to have you here.

Welcome to the forum! I'm doubly biased...my USMA son just declared his major as Military History. Good luck to you.:thumb: