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Dec 1, 2008
Hey, my name is James and a candidate for the USNA Class of 2013. Attened NASS, Session 1. I play Ice Hockey, unfortunatly not varsity as my high school does not offer sports, and play T. Sax in band. Also applied for NROTC.
Hey :smile:
You finished your app yet? Heard anything back?

Good luck!
Yeah My app is done, haven't heard anything except my Medical, which was fine, My app was finished October 30th so idk when i would. NROTC app is done too.
Probably soon I'm guessing... but then again it's only been a month.
If you're stressing you could always call to see if you've ben 3 Q'd.
D'you have a nom?
I have had my interviews with both Senators, no word from them yet, My congressman has his interviews this month, I am waiting for a letter from him any day for his interview.