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    My DS has been eyeing USNA or USAFA for several years, and now that he's a rising junior the time for him to dig in and work towards an appointment is getting close!

    A little about him:
    GPA is 4.11, with one AP and two Honors classes scheduled this year. He is in the top 6% of his class.

    No SAT or ACT scores yet, but PSAT last year put him in the 97th percentile for sophomores.

    He's a section leader in band (tuba), plays trombone in jazz band, and founded a club that plays as a pep band for nonprofit events (Special Olympics, fun runs, etc.)

    He is on the JV swim team at school - does it mostly for fun and to stay in shape; he's not really competitive.

    He's an Eagle Scout with Bronze and Gold Palms, and has spent two summers as a camp counselor at a Boy Scout camp.

    He's a C/MSgt in CAP and attended Encampment this summer.

    He holds a PADI Open Water certification.

    He is currently pursuing his PPL, and has his checkride scheduled the day after his 17th birthday in November.

    His ultimate goal is graduate with an Aero Eng degree, be a military pilot, then work as a test pilot and design aerial weaponry.

    His Plan B is Missouri University of Science and Technology and AFROTC. He attended an Explosives Engineering camp there this summer, and enjoyed the campus and people.

    About me: I've spent my entire career in civil service, investigating white-collar crimes. I have no military experience. My husband is retired law enforcement, and spent 6 years with the USMC and 2 years with the CA National Guard.

    We are touring both USNA and USAFA this fall. Additionally, we are planning to attend the USAFA Forum in San Diego next month. DS will apply for SS at both academies.

    I'm sure DS will have a lot of questions when it comes time to apply! He's looking forward to this experience. Thanks for having me!
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    Hello CAPilotMom! Sounds like your son is really working hard to reach his goals.

    There's a wealth of information here, occasional drama, and some laughs, tears, and hearty congratulations.


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