High blood pressure-kinda


Mar 1, 2015
So I had my medical exam today and was pretty nervous. When they took my bp it was 145/95 which is really really bad and my heart rate was like 108. So they marked that down and said I'd get a form for someone to redo my bp because it was probably because I was so nervous. Does anyone know how/when this form arrives and works?

I got my bp done at a pharmacy on my way home and it was 124/85. Ironic right.
Chances are it was due to the anxiety since it was better after. I have no idea how the form works, but my guess is that you may have to go to your doctor or clinic and have your BP/HR rechecked for a couple of different visits. If your BP stays up there, or even near the higher end of the acceptable range, do some research. There are many supplements that are supposed to help, that tie such things into nutritional deficiencies. My BP is creeping up there so I did lots of research but have yet to implement anything. So, I can't vouch for how any of it works. Things like garlic, magnesium supplements, certain green vegetables, etc. Natural ways that would hopefully help.
I think it was just anxiety. The 124/85 is a lot better than the other one. I guess I'll just wait for the form
I'm sure it was just anxiety and you'll do fine next time. If it's still high ask them if you can just sit for a while (10 minutes?) close your eyes and "meditate"... I'm sure it will be OK then.

BTW, I wish my BP was 145/95! :D
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You might have what's called "white coat" syndrome. This is when people don't exhibit high blood pressure, but when they visit the doctor it goes up. Take kinnem's advice and do the dalai lama before going into the office:) Curiously, my doctor said this is usually a pre-cursor to high blood pressure later in life, so keep an eye on it in 25 years!
I get my physical every year for sports and my blood pressure is always fine. I was just really nervous but I'll definitely watch out :p
Good luck Rebekah! A few things when you go to the office to have it taken again, as you may be nervous about it being high again, which will make it high! Go in the morning if possible, but don't go right after you eat - time it so you have not had food or caffeine drinks (like coffee/tea) for an hour or two. Also, make sure you are sitting down, back against the chair and feet on the floor if possible. And make sure that whoever takes the blood pressure is not talking to you and that you are not talking to them. Seems like a small thing, but talking or being talked to can also raise the blood pressure. Also, the suggestion to sit for 10 minutes before is also recommended. As someone who suffers from "white coat " syndrome, I follow these guidelines and it truly helps.
Thank you so much! I'll definitely try those. I don't drink much caffeine, so that part won't be too hard. The woman who gave my first one talked to me the entire time she was administering the bp test