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    I am currently a sophomore in High School and my dream is to graduate from the Air Force Academy. I would like some advice on what I need to work on to make my application look the best it can.

    I currently have a 4.0 Unweighted GPA, and a 4.5 Weighted GPA.

    I am enrolled in all honors classes and AP World history (Only AP class Available to sophomores)

    Out of 450 class members, I was ranked 3rd for my freshman year.

    I have taken the PSAT (160) and the PLAN test (Score not received). I scored in the 95th percentile in math, 78th for Reading and Writing. I understand that reading and writing are my weaknesses, and I am working on improving the score.

    I currently have 70+ recorded volunteer hours.

    I am currently enrolled in my High School’s Engineering Academy. This is an application only academy that focuses on math, science, and technology.

    I joined Civil Air Patrol in late April of 2011 and have reached the rank of Airman First Class. I am expected to reach the next rank in a couple of weeks. I have participated in the CAP Summer Encampment and have completed training for ground team 3.

    This summer, I will start training for my Private Pilot’s license.

    I am currently Life rank in Boy Scouts and am working on my Eagle project.

    I have been a member of my High School Marching Band for the past 2 years. I have qualified as an alternate for All County Band and will join the Musical Honor Society at the end of this year.

    I plan to join my High School’s Cross Country team next year. I also plan on running in local races over the next 2 years.

    Any advice for my resume and application is greatly appreciated.
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    Looks ok so far, but you need to show dedication in some areas and that you're not merely dabbling in a bunch in different activities. Try to get your Mitchell in CAP ASAP as well as attaining Eagle Scout.

    You definitely need to join one or more sports as soon as possible. You mentioned cross country for next year -- That's good. What's keeping you from joining the track team this spring though?

    Academically, you look good. Work on bringing up your Reading/writing standardized test scores and plan on taking the SAT/ACT next year multiple times.
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    You have a flawless academic record so if you decide to take a full course-load of AP classes in your Junior and Senior years make sure to stay on top of them because classes like AP Chemistry and AP Calculus can prove to be difficult if you neglect your studies! Other than that I recommend you become involved in any sort of leadership activity. Whether it's a school or community organization or your high school's student council. You definitely need to show that you have leadership potential because that is what the academy is looking for. After all you want to be a commissioned officer in the Air Force Right? Best of luck to you! :thumb:

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