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Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by chuang104, Oct 11, 2016.

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    So I'm from Texas, and my senators are John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. Cornyn's application for a nomination was due October 7, and while I did get it in on time, I'm afraid that I may not have followed the guidelines properly.

    On Cornyn's form it says "The following items are all required and must be sent in one complete mailing... Incomplete applications will not be considered for nomination." One of the items listed is the official copy of my high school transcript. Problem is, when I talked to my school registrar, she refused to give me a copy of my official transcript, and insisted on mailing the transcript to Cornyn directly from the school, even when I explained that I needed to send everything all at once. She claimed she wouldn't give it to me because it would be "too easy" for students to forge their transcript. I included a note in my application explaining that my transcript was sent via the school, but I'm not sure if this would hinder my chances of getting a nomination, because I didn't follow the directions exactly.

    If anyone on here is from Texas and has had experience with applying to John Cornyn, I'd like to know if it's okay that I didn't include my transcript in my application packet. I was going to email his academy nominations coordinator about this, but didn't get around to it. I'd just like to stop worrying about this situation for now. Thanks in advance!
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    Does Senator Cornyn have a checklist on his website indicating if all the required items are received? If not, call the coordinator as soon as possible.
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    IMO it is quite common for schools to do that. My DS sent his stuff in singly (transcript and such) from his application and it all showed up as arrived. I recommend that you do what Padre101 suggested above. IMO the recommendation is there more to minimize the amount of effort required to keep all the pieces of a file together, so if people CAN do that, they would prefer them to.
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    I got my college counselor to put my official transcript in an envelope and sign across the seal. Then I just plopped that envelope into one large orange packet that I gave to my Senators and Congressman.
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    We are from Texas also. Son did the Cornyn application and mailed in the big packet. His school did allow him to get an official transcript but his SAT/ Act scores were sent electronically to Cornyn office.

    Son did the Cruz application which is all online. He was panicking because although his references were sent in September they didn't update on their online check list until this week. He has called their office multiple times.
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    we are also from Texas. My son's high school sent the transcript to Cornyn then my son followed up with Cornyn's office to let them know it was coming and then again to make sure they received it. All was fine.
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    Great job following through! Trust but verify! :thumb:
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