Jul 21, 2017
Hello, I have been lurking for sometime as my DD has started the process of seeking appointment to an academy. She recently spoke with a coach from Air Force about going to USAFAPS. The coach thought it would be best for my DD to stop taking the ACT/SAT as if she scored too high she would be ineligible for the prep school. I was hoping someone would know if a 1240 SAT (new scoring) would keep her from being eligible? I noticed the minimum score required to apply for an AFROTC scholarship was a 1240. She scored at 24 on the ACT but I know she could get to a 28 with superscoring. She has figured out the science section.

My DD has been studying everyday for a couple hours of day to increase her scores, but the coach told her if her transcripts checked ok she would get her to prep. She is in a recruited DI athlete but would be placed on the team there at the prep school and potentially be a manager at the academy if she did well at prep. Any information you have would be very helpful.
Okay...here's what I can say openly...the academy will NOT tell you or anyone else what that "magical/mystical number" is. I've been an ALO for 22 years and I have no clue; and I'm not saying that in jest.

I will say this: if your DD is a "division one athletic candidate" and the academy decides to "blue chip" her...then forget any "numbers you may have heard" here or anywhere else; it'll be up to the academy and the coach what to do.

But here's the thing; and now I'm speaking as an ALO...what does SHE want? Does she want to go to the academy to be a professional officer or to participate in D-1 sports? And there is a difference. If its for D-1 sports...then she's in a pickle; because there's not guarantee she'll get in and if she "handicaps" herself by NOT testing to her best ability; she may be left out. If, on the other hand, she's all about being an officer, then she should test every chance she gets to better her chances of selection.

If the team coach wants her there bad enough, he/she will "blue chip" her and then...well, as Willy Wonka said: "You've got a golden ticket..."

Thank you for the response. I meant to say she would not be a DI recruit. Just play on the prep team. She wishes to be a commissioned officer and this option presented itself. My DD was assured if she was eligible for prep, she would get a spot. That was her interpretation.