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    We live in what I understand to be an extremely competitive congressional district. Even the state university system applies quotas on the number of students who can be accepted from our county. As a hypothetical, as I understand it, my DS could fail to receive a nomination in our district while he could have easily received one if we lived several counties over. In principle, this strikes me as being contrary to the SA's goal of accepting the best and the brightest. Just wondering if my understanding is correct, and if so whether there are any options?
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    Some districts are more competitive than others. It is the process outlined per US Code. USCGA doesn't require nominations. USMMA nomination process is slightly different. If a SA is where your child wants to go there is no skirting the nomination proces unless USCGA is the only school he intends to apply at. The National Pool allows highly competitive applicants to be appointed without being charged to a MOCs slate. I have seen 6 kids appointed from the same high school and another 6 appointed from another high school less than 10 miles away in the same district. I have seen 8 out 10 kids on a MOCs slate get appointments. Obviously not all these are charged to the MOC but that is how the National Pool comes into play. Apply to all nomination sources; that is usually both senators your congressman and the VP for the candidate who is not eligible for a Presidential. Even if a district is less competive a few over, it doesn't mean less qualified kids are being appointed from there. They must meet all qualifications to be appointed. If no kids on a MOCs slate are full qualified no appointment will be made on to that slate.
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    Also, if your DS doesn't get in the first time he applies, the acceptance changes 2nd time around are significantly improved based on what I've read, because SA likes reapplicants. Particularly if your DS goes to a competitive college takes difficult classes (mirroring the first plebe year in the academy) and is enrolled in ROTC. I know that's not ideal for many applicants, but gets you to your goal of attending the academy.