History of GH Deficiency + Minor Scoliosis...should I be worried?

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    I was put on growth hormone injections for a slight case of GH deficiency. I was on it from 8th grade til the very end of 12th grade. I am now a sophomore AS100 in AFROTC now and I am freaking out a bit due to reading up on the "Standards of Medical Fitness" (apd.army.mil/pdffiles/r40_501.pdf)

    If you go down to the endocrine section it seems as though my history will DQ me even though I am no longer using the growth hormone nor does it affect my health at this point. To add, I likely have healthy levels of growth hormone for my age as most people grow out of it.

    I also have minor scoliosis, but only 1-2 degrees over the allowable amount. This hasn't ever really been a problem for me. I have only had mild pains from time to time. I played sports all through high school and have done PT in ROTC just fine. Though I guess I made a mistake of going to physical therapy for it just because I wanted to strengthen my back/prevent any pain. I only went to two sessions as it was useless.

    Finally, I use minocycline to deal with the small amount of acne I have- I do not need it and could stop taking it now.
    (med.navy.mil/sites/nmotc/nami/arwg/Documents/WaiverGuide/Waiver%20Guide%20-%20Dermatolgy%20080624r.pdf seems to at least make it sound like I'd need a waiver for it)

    I'd hope I could get waivers for this stuff considering it does not affect my life one bit. I am otherwise perfectly healthy and capable of anything. I am sure I could get my endocrine related doctor who prescribed the HGH to back my claim of great health and explain that there are no adverse or lasting effects from my HGH usage. The scoliosis scares me a bit, but I guess when I even get around to the DoDMERB the doctor will decide whether to back me up on my claim or not.

    Thanks for reading. Hopefully this wasn't too much of a bore.

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