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Nov 11, 2013
So I'm new to the USMMA process. DS's status changed to Hold today, does that basically mean he's qualified and wanting to see how everyone fits? His Dodmerb is done and he's qualified, CFA is passed, Nomination interviews soon.
Most likely. Qualified does not mean accepted however, it just means over one hurdle, and in this case hold (at least part of it) is likely because of a lack of nomination. When the nomination comes in though, he could still be on hold depending on where he falls into the ranking.
HOLD is a common status for applicants at USMMA. Having closely watched multiple admissions cycles over the years, I would say your summation is accurate. HOLD can mean anything other than REJECTED. Many applicants will find themselves in a HOLD status just prior to being offered an appointment. The positive takeaway for an applicant is that there is activity occurring around your admissions package - it could be in review or have just been reviewed. This is also a status indicating their quazi "qualified applicant pool" or "national wait list". One potential outcome is a conditional appointment to inform the applicant they are desired but one or more administrative things are needed prior to a full offer of appointment. In your case, it could be the nomination. This isnt your first rodeo, so you understand that this would be common for this time of year.