Homeschooled applicant


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Sep 23, 2016
Hello all, official candidate for '22 here. I am looking at my application and I need to include the contact information of a 'school official'. However, I am homeschooled. I have taken classes online, with tutors, using dual enrollment at community colleges, and from a general variety of sources. How do I go about solving this issue?

Many thanks.
Grandson, attending summer session, is also homeschooled and like you, also took dual enrollment classes through the local community college. On his application for the summer session he explained what he was doing, outlined his homeschool curriculum, and also briefly detailed what he had read in homeschool--largely from Hillsdale College's great books list.

It must have been acceptable as he was accepted to the summer session and that application satisfies the application requirement. The USNA's website also mentions that an increasing number of homeschoolers are being admitted so admissions is likely familiar with the issues homeschoolers face in crafting an admissions application.

I would outline your online courses and briefly describe your home school curriculum.
I am a successful '21 homeschool applicant. I put my mom as my school official as she is the one who runs my homeschool program. USNA requested my transcripts so I sent all of the transcripts from the different places I took classes and the curriculum for the classes my parents taught me and print outs of the syllabus for the online classes I took. USNA called me at some point in June last year and requested extra information to help prove all of my activities. Being homeschooled is not a disadvantage you just have to put a little more work into proving the information. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions.