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    Hi everyone!
    My name is Karandeep Cheema and I'm in the high school class
    Of 2013 at Cupertino high school meaning a junior. I've wanted to be a part of west point ever since a child but at this moment, my passion for
    it has gotten even higher, as I can think of nothing but west point and Naval
    Academy. However, for careless reasons, my freshman and sophomore year grades were very poor, balancing me out to around a 2.97-3.0. As a junior, I'm taking 2 honors classes though and my gpa is a 3.8. I'm a wrestler and my SAT I score is a 2150. I'm involved in several volunteer communities and I'm planning on focusing more on leadership opportunities at school this year since I haven't done so in my other two years. I'm looking forward to the summer camp but I want to be in the best position possible, ready for once I apply. I'm also working on the congress letter work with a mentor that is going to west point next year.

    Thanks everyone for paying interest.
    Hoping to get some tips, guidelines, and feedback
    -Karandeep Cheema

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