Hospital ship preps for a novel mission


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May 5, 2007
'Comfort' will travel to Latin America on humanitarian visit

Published in the BS:,0,4272801.story?coll=bal-home-headlines

The hospital ship USNS Comfort leaves its Baltimore home today without the usual war or natural disaster on its itinerary, but preparing nonetheless for one of the busiest and most complicated missions of its 20-year service in the U.S. Navy.

Instead of rushing to a crisis, as it did in New Orleans and the Persian Gulf on recent deployments, the ship is beginning a carefully choreographed 120-day tour of Central and South America that will take it to 12 countries with varying medical and humanitarian needs....


The USNS Comfort, one of two Naval hospital ships in the U.S. Naval Fleet, sits at Pier 11 in the Baltimore Harbor. Home-ported in Baltimore, the Comfort is scheduled to depart on a humanitarian mission to South America.
(Sun photo by Glenn Fawcett)
May 30, 2007

Very cool article GA. I probably thank you more than anyone on this entire site for posting it as my son reports to her this Saturday! Fair Winds & Following Seas USNS Comfort!!
I never got any of the good cruises. :frown:

Man, is that kid gonna have FUN! :biggrin:
He told me that they will go thru the Panama Canal twice. I thought he was going to do back flips. He can hardly contain himself. There will be 8 cadets on board from various institutions. Hope they don't drive the poor Captain nuts. I predict wrestling over which kid gets to play with the navigation equipment first.:biggrin:
I went through the Canal twice, myself, and I can assure you it is an experience he will NEVER forget.

Tell him to be ready for a fresh-water washdown while transiting Gatun Lake. They will cycle every seawater valve and system they can (especially firemains) and rinse the ship down from stem to stern. It can be lots of fun with dueling hose teams. :biggrin:

So the hospital ships are Panama-capable, eh? Wow, I bet there are just a few inches on either side as they squeez through the locks!

Hope he's not on the Sea and Anchor detail. This is a LONG one!
I teased him that he's to keep his arms inside while passing thru. Probably 6" on each side is about correct. He also got teased alot about the Latin ladies. He has a thing for long dark hair..... He's such a flirt & getting shot down doesn't phase him. :biggrin:
Oye, mamacita! Quieres bailar con migo? :biggrin:

Just remind him to wrap that rascal. As my dad preached for so many years: "Don' forge' de protekchon!" :thumb:
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I predict wrestling over which kid gets to play with the navigation equipment first.:biggrin:

I don't think that's what they'll be wrestling over :biggrin: With all those young ENS and jg nurses on there :shake:

What a awesome experience! Too cool for sure!
These humanitarian missions are too often forgotten about and do not get enough credit - another reason to be proud to be American.
I don't think that's what they'll be wrestling over :biggrin: With all those young ENS and jg nurses on there :shake:

Everybody sing along, now!

The LOOOOVE Boat....... soon will be ma-king a-no-ther run!

You guys are swell pals to have. I'll have night terrors from half of what you wrote. I recall him telling me that some Norfolk girl shot him down a few weeks ago. She said, "How old are you?" And when he said, "I'm gonna be 20 next week." She flew the coup as far as she could get. LOL Didn't phase him. I should send a warning email to those young ENS and JG nurses.... He's gonna play sick atleast half the voyage.
Well, if it was the same girl my buddy hooked up with in Norfolk 10 years ago, he should consider himself lucky. He really WOULD have been sick the whole cruise! :biggrin:
Gee. Thanks. :rolleyes: I've made up my mind. I'm going with them. :biggrin:
LOL No entiendo. Habla muy pico espanol.....Una cerveza por favor Ya'll. :wink:
Ooh!! Me gusta cerveza!

I told him I want to dance with him. Please, Sir?

I would LOOOOOVE to work on one of the hospital ships. That would be a dream come true!
Comfort bound for southern waters

Norfolk, Va.— Navy hospital ship Comfort arrived in the waters outside the naval station here today prior to a cruise to the coastal areas of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Later in June, Comfort leaves Norfolk for a 120-day deployment with port visits throughout the Southern Command area to provide medical and dental care for local communities....


Military Sealift Command hospital ship USNS Comfort
*Jamzmom hugs GA* Keep these stories coming for me!! I talked to the boy this morning when she was coming in and he said he could see her. The KP kids are looking forward to meeting the other 6 Cadets/Students from the other Maritime schools that will be boarding.

Nurseypoo, you don't want to dance with him. Trust me. I still wear the bruises from last time.
Okay, well, if anyone dances with him and gets hurt, I do know how to buddy tape toes.

Do they ever give tours of the hospital ships like they do the carriers? I would really enjoy touring one.
I dunno since its an MSC ship..... Last we were near Norfolk, son wanted us to come & see his ship, another MSC. We had to go thru 5 security check stations plus they ran background on us. Was really difficult. I was ready to say awwww, never mind, hey lets all go for ice cream. LOL But they let us on (finally). Funny how we were watched the entire time. A Destroyer was pulled along side & there were guys standing watch with m-16s. They mean business. I had two sets of badges on my person by the time I made it thru. I felt like I had caused troubles to many folk just so I could see where my son was living, working & learning. I don't think I'd do it again. Those poor guys & gals had to do alot to get some simple parents a wee tour. Maybe when the Comfort is back in Baltimore, they might allow site-seeing? Hard for me to say. Maybe someone else can answer here.