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    Here is a contact for securing a house rental for USAFA Graduation. I have reserved a house through this contact for the 2013 Graduation. Of course, I have not personally stayed in the rental yet, but I got his name from a previous post on this or another forum. He is only securing 2013 Graduation houses at this time. However, if you want a future graduation date, then he will put you on his list, and will contact you right after the most recent graduation. He works on next year's graduation reservations right after the current graduation is complete. I was on his list to call for almost a year, but he promptly got in touch with me after this year's graduation. Prices seem really good. We are renting a very customized 4500 sqft house. He just does weekly rentals which seems to be the norm for rentals during graduation week. His prices seem much cheaper than those on and His name is Tell him the lady in Granbury, TX recommended him (no referrals just wanted him to know). Hope this helps someone :)
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    Thank you. I'll pass that along to my dad. I know he's been wanting to get everything secured for next year. Not sure if he's leaning towards a home vs. a couple hotel rooms, but options can't hurt.

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