How am I doing so far?


5-Year Member
May 31, 2017
I'm a rising sophomore

3.83 unweighted GPA
Associate Board of Directors (Student Council for my school)
All Advanced/Gifted classes
Varsity Track
Varsity Drill Team
20 Hours Community Service
Member of the county STEM Academy
Working on a 4 year community service project to reduce waste in my county which will include published research.
Member of the technology student association.

What else do I need to work on?
Participating is great, but admissions wants to see Captain of those sports, president of that club, and advisor/leader in this community outreach program. Student council is also great. You are still young so those things can still happen. Couple that with great grades, high class ranking, and outstanding test scores and you will be on the right path. It's about gumption and showing initiative and giving of your time. Be careful about investing too much time in any one item.
Great GPA and community service and activities. You may want to work on leadership roles, like sports team captain or leadership roles in school/community service clubs. They want to see leadership roles in addition to the participation roles.
Don't forget to participate in Boy's State between your junior and senior year.