How are VMI acceptances sent out?


Dec 3, 2019
Will an admissions decision be posted on my post view portal? Or will a physical letter be sent out?
As posted above, they will send a big fancy folder as well as a packet of extra papers to fill out. These arrive separately and can even be a week apart as was the case with me. I actually recieved the packet of papers before the actual acceptance.
When are acceptances sent out?

Per the VMI website under the admissions section:
Early Decision
Early decision applicants will be notified no later than December 15 (by mail). If you are deferred during the early decision process, you will be notified during the regular decision process.
Regular Decision
Regular decisions applicants will be notified on a rolling basis, no later than April 1. A waiting list may be necessary.
Just an FYI. To us it seemed like VMI's electronic and paper notification processes were not aligned. When our son was accepted, his very nice appointment certificate didn't arrive for a few weeks after his portal changed. On one day he has a whole bunch of other documents added to his portal, things like a housing deposit form, SSN confirmation form, etc. At this point we were puzzled but kind of surmised he was admitted but the actual certificate didn't arrive until later. If they're still following the same internal processes the same might happen this year too.
Can you PM me your stats?
I have a 3.52 unweighted GPA 4.2 weighted 28 ACT 24 math 25 English 30 science 31 reading. I am a youth soccer coach which is ranked 24th in my state. I also am third in command at my JROTC unit and I am also a part of many honors societies. I play soccer for a club team as well.
Congrats to all so far! I'm a member of the Class of 2021, please feel free to PM me if you have any questions!