How can I Improve my odds in Middle School?


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Sep 3, 2018
I am currently an eighth grader and I have been seriously thinking of aiming for West Point for a couple of years now. I have had two cousins graduate from The Point, one of which is a general in the army right now, so I am kinda familiar with the application process. But, anyway, I was wondering what I could do as a student of my age to make my upward battle easier. I have already established myself as a leader to my teacher, coaches, and peers, so most people know that I am a trustworthy person. I am 98% certain that I will have two varsity letters by sophomore/junior year (Tennis and Baseball). I also am enrolled in nearly all the advanced classes available to my age group, and I intend to keep that train rolling. I am already on the student senate and I have a fairly strong campaign for President, I have also been tutoring students for the past two years. Oh, and I am third chair Cello in our orchestra. What other activities would make me harder to pass up?

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what about taking practice ACT's or SAT's? I have read where some are start practicing the tests very early hoping to increase their scores.
@tonyyanks2, I’m impressed with your focus and drive. Frankly, you don’t seem to need much advice, because you’re already on the right track. So just a few thoughts:

— It’s early...very early. Be careful that you don’t become such a “gunner” (do people still use that term?) that you neglect to enjoy high school — and the 8th grade, for that matter!

— Go for quality over quantity. Don’t collect titles and roles and hours just for the sake of it. Leadership, especially, will be measured by the impact you make, not the jobs you held. And choose extracurriculars that you enjoy, not the ones you think will look good on paper.

— Keep an open mind to the other SAs, as well as ROTC at civilian colleges. As focused as you are now, you’ll learn things about yourself and colleges and the military that could change your mind over the next five years. It happens!

Best wishes to you. And I’ll repeat it: Have fun in high school — and the 8th grade!
what about taking practice ACT's or SAT's? I have read where some are start practicing the tests very early hoping to increase their scores.

I have been studying for the ACT (I live in Iowa) for about a month now so I have been thinking about taking a practice test.
@tonyyanks2, also ask the moderators to change your username. This is an anonymous forum and you never know who’s lurking. (Unless your real name is Bob Smith, in which case you can ignore this advice.)
@MidCakePa, I am making sure I don't focus too hard on WP. That's always been a bit of a fault for me, as I try to rake in all the information I need as fast as I can. I enjoy all the activities I partake in otherwise I wouldn't participate in so many(I wouldn't face the ridicule of being a mathlete if I wasn't interested;).). Also, don't worry about me, I still go to all the football games and afterparties to hang out with my friends.:)
Read through the academy web site... every link. Investigate the jobs available as an officer in your preferred service. Explore multiple services so you're sure you're pursuing the right fit for you.