How can you get a letter of recomendation from a Congressman or Senator?

Discussion in 'Air Force Academy - USAFA' started by Hunter, Jun 9, 2011.

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    Hi, i'm 13 years old and going into 8th grade next year. I have recently been interested in the Air Force Acadamy and would like to know what is required to have a chance of admission. I would also like to know what it takes to recieve a letter of recomendation from a congressman or a Senator. I realize that I still have 5 years untill I graduate high school, but I figure that it's never to early to start thinking about my future. Any information you might have on this subject would be extremely appreciated.
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    You don't get a letter of recommendation from a senator or representative. One of your goals is to get a "Nomination" from them. Without a nomination, you CAN'T, under any circumstance, get an appointment to the academy. Even with a nomination, that isn't a guarantee of an appointment. Each senator and your representative will give out 10 nominations each to the academy. If there are 40 people from your district/state applying for a nomination, you have to hope that your application to that congressman is better than the others who are applying. Contact your congressman's office for their requirements for applying for a nomination. They won't let you until your senior year, but they'll let you know. Many have the info on their web site. Good luck. mike...
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    Hunter you have a lot of time but it's always good to know a head of time so you can plan... one of the things you should do is click the link in CC's signature block of his post. It has a lot of information on getting to understand the process. After that I would recommend going to the link in this thread for even more information… once that’s done start doing searches on this site for specific questions you have from reading those other sites.

    The more you read the more you’ll find out and more questions you’ll have and you’ll have some of the more experienced people on this forum help you out (My DS (stands for Dear Son) and I have learned a lot from them). That reminds me… Also go to the acronym link here for any that you may not know.. I would even book mark it so you can find it later.

    Good luck and remember we’re here to help (and by “we” I mean the experts I mentioned above!:wink:)
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