How do I get a waiver for asthma from the USMA


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Mar 15, 2022
I have used an inhaler once when I was 14 due a tight feeling in my chest that was caused by a moldy gymnasium. The only other time was when I was of a similar age and I had bronchitis which effected my lungs only while I was sick. Since I moved to a different gym four years ago, I have not had any shortness of breath or similar symptoms since. I am also a competitive gymnast who is being considered for recruitment by West Point and I have no physical limitations caused by asthma. However, I have been medically denied for asthma even after scoring quite high the the CFA. I feel confident I can pass any test such as a pulmonary function test to prove I do not have asthma I just require a route to do so. I assume this is the waiver process, but the only information I have heard in that regard is that I will be given one if I am deemed "competitive." Having received three congressional nominations, I would think I am competitive, yet that was the last I've heard. In sum, I am wondering how to request a waiver since I know I am medically apt for the service academies.

Additionally, I have received a doctors note explaining that I do not have any physical limitations caused by asthma and history of situational shortness of breath does not effect me now and should not effect admissions. I also have a referral for a pulmonary function test that can be scheduled as needed, but again I have no one to send those potential results to. I am wondering how these can be used to assist the waiver process, if at all.

Ultimately, I do not want to become a casualty of the system if I am rejected for a problem I do not have. Thank you to anyone for your help.
Feb 9, 2020
Well, Mr. Mullen is your best source for information but as a parent I will tell you to keep in mind that competitive is a relative term. While receiving three congressional nominations is certainly a good sign, it does not guarantee that you are competitive for an appointment (seriously being considered for an appointment) from among the pool of candidates on your slate, in your state, in your region, etc. There are lots of variables. If you are not considered for a waiver, then it wasn't about the medical DQ, it is about the application. So on the upside improving your application in the future is something you can control. While not being what you were hoping to hear - I think this is an accurate representation of the process.

I know the term "competitive" is used a lot on this forum, but having a solid and worthy application does not equate to being competitive for an appointment. There are just too many outstanding candidates and not enough spaces. Hope this is clarifying and good luck! My understanding is that there is certainly time to still receive a waiver request from USMA!


Feb 12, 2020
Our DS had a similar issue with another SA and was DQ'd and was under waiver review which required him to pass a Methacholine Challenge test which he was able to pass easily and his waiver was granted. The only drawback was that the expense of the test was born by us but that was a small price to pay for our DS to achieve his goal. Generally speaking if DQ'd and deemed competitive for appointment the SA may issue a waiver request which can include additional medical or stress testing. Depending on the outcome of additional testing you will either be denied or granted a waiver. As @OfficerToBe750 mentioned, not getting a waiver review meant there may have been some other issue but hopefully you will be considered for a waiver and then don't waste any time getting whatever they ask done. Mr. Mullen has always provided great advice so follow it without delay and good luck!


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May 31, 2008
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