How do I look at my Admission stats

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    I am interested into going the AFA. Right now I am currently in the 11th grade in High School. One of my friends from last year (who is a Freshmen there this year) suggested it to me. So I found this place to ask how im doing. So here is my stats:

    3 (Going to be 4) years of AFJROTC
    About to get my Pilots License
    2 (Going to be 3) years of Choir
    1 (Going to be 2) years of Swimming
    Full year round swimming

    Sorry if its only EC stuff. That's all I have so far. But so far it looks good to me. Ill let you guys judge that. When I get more Information ill post it here.
    EDIT: Also im a C/Tech Sargent and a very good cadet in the ROTC. Also I want to be a pilot no matter what

    Thanks :smile:
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    You haven't taken your PSAT? If you have the rule of thumb is to add a 0 behind your score and it typically will be what you will get your 1st shot out. I.E. 219, = 2190

    Plus, if you are in the top 5% that means you are also an NSMF, which is something you want for your resume. Not only for AFA noms, but also many colleges love to boast about the % of NMSF, and NMFs. You can only be one of these two if you took the PSAT.

    Also, you should have at least a ball park of your wcgpa, and how many APs you have taken already.

    The academic portion is 60% of your whole candidate score. Thus, by stating only ECs, it would be wrong to chance. I.E. Your ECs, are ok, you are lacking leadership positions. However, the answer would totally be different if you said your wcgpa is 3.1 out of 4.0, 2 APs, when the school offers 16. And your class rank is top 30%, compared to a wcgpa of 4.07 out of 4.5, all APs in 11th, and class rank is top 10%.

    I would also remind you what everyone here will tell you. Have plan B in place, which is usually AFROTC scholarship. There are some major differences between these two paths. AFA will superscore your SAT/ACT. AFROTC will only take the best sitting. AFA allows you to updates ECs as a sr. AFROTC only includes everything through the end of your jr. yr. AFA starts off as a regional selection (Noms) and than goes to the national pool. AFROTC is national from the start, and your major is a factor in the selection. 85% go to tech majors.

    Hope this helps.

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