How do I.....


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Feb 12, 2008
Just kidding.

I just found out after calling my Congressman's secretary that I have an official appointment to the USNA class of 2012!!! This is right after coming back from an awesome tour of the yard itself (yesterday, the 20th) in Annapolis, having the privilege to walk in and throughout the entire school including all the dorms, classrooms, labratories (which, by the way, are amazing!!), even the library, thanks to a Navy Captain living there. I am looking forward to the next four years (not so much the first one) and an awesome Navy career!!!!
happy day - comgratulations

cthornman, so the USNA has finally let someone know they are appointed :wink:? I am guessing you are going to accept? :shake:

Many, many congratulations! :jump1: