How hard are Marine Contracts to obtain at USNA


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Feb 18, 2013
I hear they're extremely competitive over there and that they're very few. Is this true? Can you just select to go in Marine Contract? I'm wanting to pursue a commission into the Marines as a Naval Academy Graduate, I was hearing from many Marine officers( including USNA grads) that it's rare for a mid to get the contract unless they have an excellent GPA and a high PFT score, and that it's more likely to get a navy contract rather than a USMC one. any insight on this?

Thanks guys, all answers appreciated.
Not true, there's a thread I started about 5-7 days ago a few scrolls down.
A quarter of each class goes Marines... That's about 270 people.
While there is a handful who don't get it each year, it's not too competitive. Just stay in shape and stay out of trouble. If you want it and you're willing to work hard, you'll probably get it.

To put it in perspective, the 2013 Anchor Man (i.e. finished last in the class) went Marine Corps.
Thanks guys for clarifying, I honestly had some sense that they were lying(many of them went PLC, only one academy grad). But Thank you again and i'm working hard this year to go to the class of 2020, and i know i'm willing to work hard enough to make it as a commissioned officer in the Marines.
Thanks for the posts btw
I had to pipe in on this...

I wouldn't necessarily say you were lied to by your Marine contacts. You were told commissioning as a Marine is rare. 25% of the class commissions as Marines so the majority of the class does commission as Ensigns. You were told and its been confirmed that you need to be in shape and have a strong PFT score. You may not need a strong GPA but it doesn't hurt your chances - particularly since not everyone who wants the Marines gets the nod.

Good luck!
Thank you grunt for correcting me on my statement...I understand that it is extremely difficult for a midshipman to earn a commission into the USMC especially with all the requirements such as the 4 week evaluation and then Leatherneck and MAGTF
If you show a USMC interest, do half way decent in leadership, PT and grades you can get USMC. Do well at Leatherneck and join Semper Fi Society. Do those things and you should get USMC without too much of an issue. It's competitiveness varies by year. Congress sets the threshold for percentage of class that can go USMC. It was much lower for my year group. Marine Corps will value your attitude, PT, willingness to work, leadership skills probably more than your grades.