How much is the CFA weighted?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by dc2016vv, Nov 4, 2015.

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    I was just curious how much weight the academy gives the CFA? I know they say it is 10% but an officer at NASS told me it is used as a tool to determine which candidates really want to succeed (train, stay disciplined, perform through pain). Should I retake my CFA? Or is it too late to do so? My basketball throw wasn't spectacular but I was close to maxing the shuttle run and my mile was about 20 seconds off my personal best. Thanks.

    Bball: 84ft
    Pull Ups: 15
    Shuttle: 7.88
    Sit Ups: 95
    Push Ups:75
    Mile: 5:45
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    These scores are really good, I think you'll be fine. No need to stress.
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    USNA has never published publically the exact 'formula' they use so there is no way anyone on here can answer your question. It is best to assume ALL aspects of the application process are important and do the best you can on each of them.
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    There are actually a decent number of candidates who max the CFA, according to the USNA officer we talked to. Maybe 20% or so, which surprised me. I really do get the impression it is an overall assessment, and if a candidate is very strong in other areas the CFA is less significant, but if it is a close call the more fit kid may get the nod.

    My son was seeking a perfect score towards the end on the summer, but started soccer before doing the CFA and got an injury which made most excecises almost impossible until recently. He will now do the test within a week, but won't get the score he would have if he did it in August. He is a very fit muscular kid, and was able to do a fantastic ROTC fitness test a couple weeks ago, including a 5:29 mile which we didn't think was possible, but the CFA is so different. Hoping for the best though.

    I think a point or two on the ACT is worth more than a great CFA, but its all very relevant. I get the impression that all of the academies love to bring in super strong fit kids who they don't need to wory about physically. And most candidates fall in to the category where they are competitive in the admissions analysis, rather that automatic. Thus, CFA score may be the difference between getting in and not.

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