How much is the economy affecting the USCG?

Discussion in 'Coast Guard Academy - USCGA' started by SamAca10, Jan 28, 2011.

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    I recently heard a couple of LT's talking about promotion to O-4 being incredibly competitive. And with the budget cut happening, things aren't looking good at all.

    If anyone has looked at other parts of this forum or read the news, they'll notice that the Air Force has canceled their OCS classes for this year, as well as sealing in college ROTC scholarships. Additionally, they are turning down cadets who aren't meeting the raised standards to seeking that golden commission.

    To what extent is the Coast Guard being effected by this economy, and how does it spell out for the future?

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    Good question but a tough one to answer at this stage of the game.

    If they cut back on military spending, no doubt the Coast Guard will be effected as will all the services.

    The last time there was a big cutback in military spending, during the Clinton administration, there was a major reduction-in-force(RIF), in which many junior officers found themselves on the outside looking in. Some academy graduates were released from their five-year service commitments as early as 18 months.

    Already the Coast Guard has seen cutbacks in maintenance and other aspects of their budgets. Many of the cutters in service are over 40 years old. Many break down frequently and spend more time in drydock than at sea.

    So yes, there is some reason for concern. But at this time in your career you should focus on your studies and becoming the best cadet you can be. Things will work out for the best, I'm sure. :thumb:
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    I don't believe the Coast Guard budget was cut.

    The Coast Guard budget was passed at $10.2 Billion, more than they requested ($10.08 Billion) and signed by President Obama on Oct 15, 2010.

    The President wanted a cut of around $75 million, which would have eliminated over 1,100 jobs. Instead, the passed budget will allow for 1,500 more to be added to the USCG roster.

    You can read it here - Coast Guard Authorization Act of 2010
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    Promotion boards are a blood bath, there the threat of losing one of the new classes of cutters, and every office can generally expect to have the same budget as last year, or less. Keeping the same budget is hardly advisable when you have such an old fleet and have run your ships into the ground.

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