How to appeal a denied waiver


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Jul 10, 2017
Hi I was awarded an AFROTC scholarship but unfortunately I was medically DQ'd, got a waiver and then it was denied. I kind of need the money and I was wondering how to go about appealing the denied waiver. Thank you so much!!
Who waivered you and who denied it?

DoDMERB only quals or DQs. It is the commissioning source that determines whether to waive or deny. My guess is you should start with HQ AFROTC at Maxwell. According to your post you were DQd, and than you were waived. The waiver was not from DoDMERB, but HQ AFROTC.
~ I think Steve is trying to determine if you are fighting against DoDMERB's DQ or AFROTC waiver. It would be a different path depending on which one you are trying to go for.

Why did they waive you and than come back and deny it? Did something in your medical status change? The thing you need to understand is to appeal the denial it could take many months for the final decision comes down.

Not trying to go off track, but unless things have changed they will not pay for your college until that waiver comes through and you contract. That means you will most likely have to pay everything out of pocket for the 1st semester if the appeal goes your way, but does not become official until after that 1st semester (6 months from now)
~ My 3 kids went to 3 different universities. All of them had a rule in place that if they did not pay their entire semester, or were not on a payment plan within 10 days of school starting they were dropped from their classes. I know other colleges that don't do that, but instead they "lock" the students account. Most colleges will have students sign up for the next semester's courses by late Oct./early Nov. Again, if there is an outstanding balance than they will not allow you to sign up for the next semester.

ROTC scholarship would be taken into account, and the Bursar's office will know if you are on scholarship via your det. regardless of when the school gets paid. I would contact your det. now and ask where you stand in this situation. Will they inform the Bursar that you are on scholarship or you are not on scholarship according to them. If the latter is the case be prepared to have a payment system set up for at least the 1st semester while you await the results.

Best of luck.
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I was sent to be waived by DODMERB but then denied by AFROTC
Pima is correct; that's exactly the information I was after.

This will be VERY difficult to challenge and the odds are not good. I don't know for certain; I can only comment on examples in my past. I've seen candidates for the SA's, ROTC, and enlistment that were "DQ" by either DODMERB or MEPS. Then the waiver process began. Sometimes, they were denied flat out. Sometimes they were granted a waiver. Once...I had a young lady DQ by DODMERB for concussion. USAFA and USMA asked for the end she received a waiver. USAFA offered her an appointment immediately; she was the principal nominee to USMA so that was excellent!!

Except...USMA denied her; saying they didn't accept the waiver. And they have that right.

And that was that.

She did great at USAFA!

So what I'm saying is...if the ROTC program doesn't want to waiver you...they pretty much have the final say.

In your case than you need to contact HQ AFROTC due to the fact that they will be your commissioning authority.

FYI DoDMERB did not ask for the waiver. HQ AFROTC did. Again, all DoDMERB said was you are DQ. HQ AFROTC than sent your medical reports to their review board and they (HQ AFROTC) denied the waiver.