How to deal with sexual harassment?


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Jun 11, 2011
Hi, I was wondering if I could hear from some ladies how you respond to a sexual comment from a guy (unwanted.. harassing), without having to report it. Is it best to respond with some insulting humor? Or just a solid f-you? Any advice. Thanks. Also, if anyone can tell me about their experiences with sexist behavior that would be much appreciated.

ALSO! Any guys who have advice!!!
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I'm a guy. A firm, or even humorous, "F-You" works great. You maintain your status and you set his boundary. No hard feelings.
Your first step should be a firm: I find that offensive please don't do it again.

If it happens again, do not hesitate to report offender to a trusted superior, teacher, administrator, ???. All school districts and all companies have harassment policies with reporting procedures. These should be available to you. Ask for a written copy.

Then tell you parents what happened and how you dealt with it.
And by the way...
It works both ways
A female upperclass can be harassing an underclass male.
Judging by the other thread, she's not at the Academy quite yet.
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A woman any age may not quite know what to do in this type of situation. They may think they know, but once it really happens, it's a whole new story. Just because you might feel comfortable handling a situation like this, not everyone else will.

The girl was asking for help. Now give her some or get out.
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The person who's making those remarks to the OP is more than likely NOT applying to the Academy and someone from her high school, so it doesn't exactly apply, does it?

But onto the "thinks it's 'ok' to make sexist or similar remarks" issue...some people come from less diverse backgrounds, and only exposure changes that.
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All of the academies have trainings on how to report a sexual assault or harassment...this will be explained in further detail if the candidate goes to USNA.
Allison, I'm a guy who doesn't think you or the fact that you're asking for help is pathetic. I think it takes great courage to stand up for yourself like this. My advice is to tell him to stop or you will tell the authorities about it. Only tell him this once though. If he continues, then do not hesitate to tell someone of authority.

To VAMOM- you may want to go back and reread your posts. Perhaps you don't mean to come off as you are on this thread.
And my reply would change because she is not "quite yet" at the Academy? Please elaborate.
I think the point was that you are pontificating on "future officers" and "tax money" etc., as if she was receiving harassment from a current Mid, but that may not be the case. As stated earlier, she was merely soliciting advice on a situation that she isn't sure how to deal with. It's not pathetic that she would ask that; clearly she seeks direction on this. A little less anger, more empathy and constructive advice is indicated here.
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If the OP becomes a midshipman she'll have plenty of trainings about sexual harassment, as well as alcohol and illegal drugs. Trust me. I can't count the number of times I've had to sit in Dimick to listen to this topic.
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Vamom, I think what some people are trying to say is some people may not have experience dealing with women, different races and religions, etc. It may seem farfetched, but a guy who has been sheltered by his parents, gone to an all-boys school his entire life and had very little exposure to women might say something not realizing that it might be okay to say the same thing to a guy but not a girl, or thought that his comment would be taken with some levity. I think the OP might be looking for a way to end the harassment without getting someone that could've been a great officer kicked out because they unknowingly crossed a line once.
I don't get all the urging to report. Let OP learn to take and hold her own ground. It's not that hard to put a guy in his place.

As a female grad, I can tell you the USN takes sexual harassment very seriously. No one should make fun of those who ask legitimate questions about reporting such activity should it occur.

Let me also say that there is a difference between sexual harassment and being given crap about various things b/c you're female. USNA teaches everyone about the difference -- it is made crystal clear. The former needs to be reported. The latter is something that some females will just have to learn to deal with -- each in their own way.
I totally agree with usna1985. As a current member of the Brigade, Class of 2014, and as a 3 year SAR (Sexual Assault Response) (SAVI) Guide ( I went to NAPS too) , I've seen Sexual Harassment and Assault. The Navy has a zero tolerance policy for both and the Naval Academy is just as strict. Harassment of any nature is not tolerated whether it is male on female or female on male. Both have happened recently at the Academy where a Senior harassed a Plebe (female on male) and a Youngster harassed a Plebe (male on female). Both cases were prosecuted to the fullest extent as they should have been. Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault is not tolerated period by any member of the Brigade and if it does come towards you or any other members of the Brigade there are people to help you. Myself, other SAR Guides and the Chain of Command will help you.