How to get a medical waiver?

Discussion in 'Merchant Marine Academy - USMMA' started by SamAca10, Aug 10, 2009.

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    Today I received my KP admissions packet, but I also received a DoDMERB disqualification because my distant visual acuity was not correctable to 20/20 :thumbdown: Does anybody know how to get a waiver? Is PRK accepted at KP (after I get accepted) I want to be a USCG pilot, could I get this out of KP or not? Thanks for all of the answers guys!
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    I see that you've already posted on the DoDMERB forum. Send an email to Larry Mullen following the instructions on that forum. He's the best person to help you through the process.

    When our DD applied to KP, she found her admissions counsellor to be extremely helpful with the waiver process as well. Good luck!
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    Ref: Maritime Admin. DOT 310.58
    Waivers. Some medical requirements
    may be waived for enrolled students
    and applicants to the USMMA
    who require such a medical waiver to
    qualify for admission and/or retention.
    Since commissioning in the United
    States Navy, or any other branch of
    the Armed Forces, is a requirement for
    graduation, no waivers will be granted
    for medical conditions which would
    prevent commissioning in at least a restricted
    status in the U.S. Navy Reserve.
    Individuals interested in waiver
    consideration may request a waiver by
    writing to the Superintendent,
    USMMA. The granting of medical
    waivers will be based on U.S. Navy
    guidelines and regulations for waiver
    consideration for admission to the U.S.
    Naval Academy and the physical requirements
    consistent with commissioning
    as a reserve officer in the U.S.
    Navy in a restricted line program. Individuals
    requesting medical waivers
    VerDate Aug<04>2004 03:31 Oct 15, 2004 Jkt 203191 PO 00000 Frm 00254 Fmt 8010 Sfmt 8010 Y:\SGML\203191T.XXX 203191T
    Maritime Administration, DOT § 310.58
    must be able to meet all other admission
    requirements, including the physical
    examination requirement for an
    original U.S. Coast Guard merchant
    marine license as a third mate and/or
    third assistant engineer. The decision
    of the Superintendent on any requested
    waiver is administratively final.
    [47 FR 21812, May 20, 1982, as amended at 55
    FR 46952, Nov. 8, 1990]
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    Larry Mullen is the best!!! If he can't get the answer no one can

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