How to get a recommendation from a service academy/active military


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Jan 15, 2017
Hey guys,
I know that the representatives from the great state of Virginia require the applicants to have 2 or more letters of applications from school counselor and an active military member. I was wondering if you could guide me through the appropriate process of requesting a letter from the resepective people mentioned above.
For the Senators there is no stipulation that there has to be an active duty person writing the recommendation.
I will outline a way to ask bellow. You can also Google "asking for a letter of recommendation" and you will get good results.

How to ask for letters of Recommendation
1. Stop by their office and ask in person - Use language like "I would be honored if you would write a recommendation for me" or " I will be applying to the Air Force Academy next year and need you to write a letter of recommendation for me. Would you be willing to do that?"
2. Tell them you will send and email with more information. Do not try to tell them all the information in person.
3. Give them a time frame of 4-6weeks
4. Send email with all of the information they need. Do not just give a link to the site write down everything they will need to know.
5. Send reminder email 1 week before deadline remember to thank them again for putting time and effort into writing the letter.
6. Collect letters of recommendation/ ensure they were sent
7. Send thank you email every time they submit letter of recommendation for you

You will most likely use this person again. Once they write the letter it is easy for them to slightly modify and send to other places. If you can group together asking for letters so you only have to ask a few times instead of 10.

Don't just pick people because of their title or Job. Pick people who really know you because they will write better recommendations.
There are many people that apply and receive appointments to the service academies with no prior connection to the military. Please check to make sure you understand the requirements as it makes little sense to get a letter of recommendation from a military member just because they are in the military.

If they have little to no connection to the candidate the recommendation would be meaningless
^^^ I agree, getting a 'recommendation' from someone who doesn't know you or your skills/abilities would be useless and they could most likely only talk in generalities.

I would start by reading ALL of the information on the official USAFA website and the associated websites for your state reps, so you have current/accurate information. They provide details about their NOM process. Each rep may have different requirements for applying for a NOM, so it is best to start there. Since you indicated you are a junior in h.s., you would be doing this in approx. the September timeframe later this year.