How to get ready for Air Force ROTC starting sophomore year?

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    My first year of college will be at a local college to save money and get first year classes in then I plan to transfer to a college that offers ROTC.

    Is it it a good idea to join Civil Air Patrol?

    What type of workouts should I do to be physically ready?

    What should I try to keep my GPA above?

    Would it be a good idea to join the Air National Guard?
    (full tuition is payed in my state but I heard it can interfere with being commissioned.)

    Would it be better to enlist for four years then go to college and do ROTC?

    Anything I should do when I enter my Sophomore year to get noticed or look good?

    Thanks for any help! Sorry for all the questions.
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    Lots of questions.

    1. CAP is good, but at least for our DS's det they don't care if you are or you aren't in it. The fact is they will train you the ROTC way.

    2. Workouts
    Download the PFA so you know what you need to pass it. Follow it to a tee. If it says 1 minute rest between push ups and sit ups than that is it. If it says knees bent in a certain way, than that is it. Many times cadets max when they take the PFA only to not when they get there due to their form.

    Do this in all types of weather, if it is raining don't pull the covers over your cranium and say I'll do it tomorrow. Same for 95 degree heat or 20 degrees in the cold. People don't realize that weather plays an impact on your scores, and if that PFT is scheduled for that day and it 30 degrees outside, you are still going to do it, just with gloves on. Same with if it 95 degrees and 70% humidity.

    Make sure you also train early in the a.m. PT is not at 4 in the afternoon, it usually occurs @ 6 a.m. You can't say I stayed up until 2 to finish my paper so I am going to skip it.

    Butterfly kicks are always a part of the regiment. Same with side push ups.

    Run, run and run some more.

    3. GPA

    It needs to def be above at least 3.0 if you are going engineering/tech and 3.2 if non-tech. What is more important is the level of the class. Taking Calc is one thing taking pre-calc is another.

    4. ANG

    That is a personal choice and have no experience with it, so I would advise you to talk to the ROTC commander of the school you intend to transfer into for that advice.

    5. Enlisted 1st.

    Here is MPO, life has a silly habit of getting in the way with the best laid plans. If you are a type of person that no shading the truth, you are goal oriented and have always achieved your plans, it could be an option. However, if you are someone who is a procrastinator, than this might not be the option.

    Your career field can also play into this decision. Let's say you enlist at 18, get out at 23 when all is said and done. Start school at 23 and graduate at 27. You want UPT and you are really starting to creep up on the age limit. Boards are not set in stone I have seen rated age be as low as 27 1/2 and as high as 29 1/2, it all depends on the pipeline. If it is at 27 1/2 you are in trouble, because it is not uncommon to wait 6,9 or even 12 months before reporting.

    The other problem is any kid who did this path in 97 was basically SOL because after 9/11 for a couple of yrs there was a thing called Stop Loss. That meant even if you were eligible to leave, they could stop you because of manpower needs. You could find yourself staying whether you want to or not.

    Now the option you didn't bring up was enlist, use TA and get your degree while serving and then going the OCS process.

    This too has an issue. You will not be guaranteed a spot, you will need command support and earn it via a board like ROTC scholarships. Again, I am sure kids decided this route back in 05, busted their hump and got their 4 yr undergrad in 5 yrs while AD. Only to find out in 2010 they canceled the OCS board and now had to wait until they opened it up again. Of course when they did, the pool was larger, while the number remained the same, hence the % of getting it dramatically decreased.

    Your best bet is to start this yr at the local CC. Take the time to investigate every scholarship, loan and grants that exist for you. For all you know, you could be eligible for a Pell, and subsidized stafford, plus a scholarship because something that is related to you or your family. There is a great book out there, it has every scholarship in the world. Go to Barnes & Noble, look in their college section and you will find out. It has scholarships for Polish Catholic children, and kids who are majoring in a specific field in a specific state. You name it, and if it exists it is in it. The problem is many of them have fall cut off dates for the next yr. In other words, if you want to enroll in 08/2012, you may need to have the paperwork in by 10/2011.

    Good luck. I hope I helped.

    Thank you for wanting to serve and protect this great nation.

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