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    I am an aspiring SEAL warrior who plans to attend the United States Naval Academy after obtaining my Associate's at a local community college in June 2018. I'm currently training in a technical school for Business/IT as a General Office/Administrative Assistant and I have a 96 average who's also in the top of my class. I will leave this center August 19th, and start community college classes a few days after.

    While I am here at the center, I've been heavily involved in several groups. I've done volunteering once a week with additional opportunities such as the SPCA, Valley Kitchen, campus set up and clean up, etc. I'm also the only girl on my basketball team who practices for 2 hours every night with additional training in power lifting, swimming, fitness center, yoga, running, and a Krav Maga workout as well every day. I am an Ambassador for my school, which means I am an orientation leader who guides students and gives invaluable information about the center. I keep up to date with the news by being in a current events group in order to be an informed and responsible citizen.

    I've even started some programs here too! I'm starting up a leadership development program which will host classes, workshops, team building activities, and more; a creative writing guild that lets students expose their creativity while also checking for spelling, grammar, flow of story and originality; peer mentoring which allows students to act as peer facilitators and further connect with their peers and the school itself; and a student government, which allows students to have a voice at the school!

    What is your advice on how to strengthen this application for USNA? I am going to community college after I graduate from my technical school to further my education in the sciences. I appreciate any insight!

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    I would recommend you start with the website. So far your academic background doesn't seem to have done anything to prepare you for USNA academically.

    You make no mention of your ACT/SAT scores

    I wouldn't say your dream is impossible but you are way behind the power curve if USNA is your objective.
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    You mention lots of great things, but you really need to do some research on USNA requirements that can be found on the admission page of the USNA website. Take a look at class averages to see where you need to be for academics. All the stuff you mention is great in regards to ECAs and leadership, but your grades will be the largest item looked at. Also, there is nothing stopping you from applying next year instead of 2 years from now. USNA's goals are to create well rounded officers through a 4 year leadership, character, physical and academic program.

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