HQ AETC/SGPS has rendered a waiver disposition


Can anyone shed some light on this statement "HQ AETC/SGPS has rendered a waiver disposition on your DoDMERB physical examination."

It is followed up with:
If you received a medical waiver, Congratulations!
If you were waiver denied, please contact us with any questions you may have regarding the disposition.

The email states that the DoDMERB status will update within 3 days but that was almost two weeks ago. DoDMERB POC says they have 30 days to update anything new.

Falcon A

Just a Proud Dad
I would use the information in the email to contact the HQ AETC Surgeon General, inform that that no new information has shown up as promised and you would like to know the status of your waiver request. Be respectful when you call or email.