Humor for my Navy and Marine friends

Capt MJ

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Sep 27, 2008
I occasionally post some of the Broadside cartoons, which unerringly skewer Navy and Marine life. Here are two from today’s feed, to bring a laugh on Friday morning.

For those non-military, the humor in the Navy cartoon is that the helmsman, who is the experienced and qualified enlisted watchstander actually at the helm, sees a parade of junior officers getting qualified as Officer of IMG_2823.JPGIMG_2824.JPGthe Deck Underway, one of the first (and occasionally scariest) professional qualifications. The OOD has command of the bridge while underway, responsible for the safe navigation of the ship and a host of other things.

Oh, and the “shoe” reference? Surface Warfare Officers wear black shoes, hence they are “blackshoes” or “shoes.” Aviators traditionally wear brown shoes with khakis, so they are “brownshoes.” Years ago, the Uniform Regs changed to allow either color to be worn with khakis. People stuck to their traditions. Aviators can work on getting their OOD qual in certain assignments.

As for the Marine cartoon, well, that’s pretty obvious!
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It took almost two decades for me to stop being amazed at the attitude of some people who should know good and well that the person they are screaming at also has access to their health record, shot record, home address, family information, pay record, etc., or, can ease access to things they need.