Humor for my Navy and Marine friends

Capt MJ

10-Year Member
Sep 27, 2008

Titivation must be a Navy thing. I’d have to ask a CG friend about their use. I think we just like using it as an inside-the-clubhouse thing.

Marines, by definition, are maximum overdrive titivators of selves, fellow Marines and gear. You probably just have a four-letter word for it.

“Get those spaces titivated before the admiral is piped aboard.”
“Schedule some titivation time for the crew to square away their uniforms for coming into port after deployment.”
“Gotta go get titivated before my date tonight with Mav, find some good foo-foo juice to use, slap on some pit-putty after I run though the rain locker.”

It still pops up here and there. It’s got that extra zing of sparkly clean and spruced up, with a whiff of spit and polish and elbow grease.

Devil Doc

Teufel Doc
Apr 25, 2018
“Titivate the ship.”

Word passed on 1MC prior to pulling into port. Kind of a modified sweepers.