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    Good day to all,

    I hope a doctor participating in the DoDMERB program responds to this, but I will take any anecdotes/etc.

    My name is Joseph and I am getting ready to enter the ROTC program at my university. I have no medical problems aside from prescription glasses. However, I do have a hydrocele (look it up on wikipedia if you dont know what it is). Its only the size of a grape, I've had it my whole life, it's never grown or gotten infected. I didn't even know I had it until I was taught to check for testicular lumps in highschool. However, it is/can be grounds for DQ at DoDMERB (supposedly this wasn't a problem during Iraq, but they're trying to find any reason to DQ people to weed out all the applicants).

    I start ROTC classes in January, so I am getting it aspirated ASAP (basically totally drained). I am then taking my DoDMERB exam as early as possible in the new year. My questions are:

    1) What is the policy on having a hydrocele and having it taken care of? I heard a 6-month wait is needed to make sure it goes back, which is why I am getting the exam ASAP so I can go to LTC in July.

    2) Is it possible to get a waiver for a hydrocele or having one removed?

    3) I am getting it aspirated (drained) which works 90% of the time or so. Theres an operation that surgically removes it, but costs quite a bit of money even with my health insurance. Is the latter preferred?

    Really I need to speak to a DoDMERB-participating doctor and bounce a few questions off of him/her, but any comments would be appreciated. This is my future, and if I can't make the cut in spring 2014 I'd be too old to get a commission when it comes time (the cutoff is 30 years old, I heard - I should be 30 two to six months after graduating ROTC).

    Thank you again for any information. And if anyone knows of a doctor that would be able to answer some questions, I would greatly appreciate it.


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