Hypertension DQ


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Dec 11, 2007
HI ALL, Yesterday my son received notifcation that he was Dq for Hypertensive vascular disease. The letter seemed vague stating that we could request a waiver through the cadet command and that the USMA grants an automatic waiver.

Is there an example of the waiver? Is there a rebuttal for the DoDMERB? I called and was told no but that we could submit any additional info. So, If we have more BP checks completed and they come back normal does this suffice as additional info?

I am really confused by all this. I am a Medic and have taken plenty of BPs. I have done my research and have had my son go through a battery of exams. All have found him healthy. He is a swimmer, runner, and rower. His average BP is 140/72.

Any info on the waivers, past experience with this Dq would be greatly appreciated!
My Spouse just went for his retirement from AD physical. His BP was 142/78 and that was considered High. The VA is making him come back three times for rechecks. The "new" boarderline high is in the 130s. My 19 yr old son's BP 106/62 that used to be low but now that is normal.
....The letter seemed vague stating that we could request a waiver through the cadet command and that the USMA grants an automatic waiver.

While they don't grant an automatic waiver, they do automatically consider every candidate for a waiver, if they deem you competitive for admission.

U.S. MILITARY ACADEMY (USMA) – There is no need for you to request a waiver. If you are competitive for an offer of admission to the United States Military Academy or one of the preparatory programs, you will automatically be considered for a waiver by USMA. The Admissions Department will contact DoDMERB concerning any additional requirements, tests or evaluations for the waiver process. DoDMERB will contact you concerning these additional requirements. DoDMERB will electronically post the results of any additional requirements to USMA for our review. USMA will render a decision and will notify you if your waiver request has been denied. DoDMERB will notify you if your waiver request has been granted.

The standards DoDMERB uses is systolic 140 or greater and/or diastolic 90 or greater. If his 3 day BP average was 140/72 then DoDMERB has to disqualify.

One thing to consider is "white coat hypertension". If all the medical work ups have come out normal, and the physicians feel there is no issue, you could try to get him acclimated to the BP cuff, and also have him try relaxation techniques prior to having the BP taken.

DoDMERB's official policy is they will not accept rebuttals of disqualifications, but if they receive additional information that shows the disqualification was in error they can remove it. Also any additional information is forwarded to the waiver authorities.

The waiver process for USMA is an automatic process, meaning you do not have to request the waiver. If your son is a competitive applicant his file will be forwarded to the waiver authority for review.

For AROTC a waiver needs to be requested from Cadet Command by the applicant.

As I state to every applicant who is disqualified, have your son write a statement regarding the disqualification, and include any additional information that you may have from physicians regarding the disqualification. Send all the information to DoDMERB, and in your son's case, include his statement along with the waiver request to Cadet Command.

There is no form or standard request type. It can be as simple as "I request a waiver for _________", or as detailed as the applicant chooses.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask away.

Thanks for the information it has been very helpful. We are pursuing all waivers, awaiting reply from DoDMERB, and getting new appointments.

Again, thank you!