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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by caracas, Mar 11, 2012.

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    First of all I would like to say that I am not trolling.

    My question:
    If for some reason a contract cadet (but not on scholarship!) were to fail in his/her degree plan (dropout of college). What would the Air Force ROTC program do with that person? Would they let them go? or would they have a service obligation?
    I ask because since the Air Force never invested any money on this individual, then the individual owes nothing back. In addition, since the Air Force is letting go of people left and right, I presume that they aren't going to force someone who doesn't want to serve (enlisted).
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    What does the contract say. They always need airmen to keep the ball washers filled at the golf course. I'm thinking the individual still got paid some stipend, and received some world class leadership training.
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    I think the process is the same as a scholarship contract cadet getting dropped...the AF evaluates the case and decides whether or not to 1) recoup the $$$ or 2) just bring them onto active duty. I've seen both happen at my Det over the years.

    The only difference in the process that I can think of for someone who's contracted but NOT on scholarship is that there's less money for the AF to recoup. But they can still bring them onto AD if they want. Its the AF's decision, not the cadet's.

    Even without the scholarship, the AF has still invested plenty of money in them. Costs for 2+ years of ROTC training, pay/lodging at field training, stipends, etc.
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    Time out for a second.

    I bolded those statements for a reason.

    If you are contracted; they did indeed invest in you. Be it SFT, books, stipend etc. Money has been paid out! Contract means as a non-scholarship as an AFROTC cadet you went to Alabama last summer, and at this point you signed on the dotted line last fall stating you knew the risks.

    You don't contract as a non-scholarship until after you go to FT at Maxwell. 4 weeks in AL is not cheap. They pay for air fare, they pay per diem, they pay for the uniforms required, they pay for the food and lodging, byt most importantly they pay to train the people to train you in the AD world.

    Start adding up the pennies, nickels, dimes and dollar bills, FT costs thousands per cadet.

    Yes, the AF and every other branch is cutting back regarding AD personnel, but please remember:
    1. AF is only cutting 1.9% in personnel

    Easy cut through attrition.

    2. They can take you wit a college degree or the hs kid who chose to go this route because it was the best paying job.

    ~~~ Neither will be motivated to serve or make it a career.

    College kid as an enlisted member has more academic knowledge. Thus, if the AF has to choose between a 21 yo AFROTC college cadet they can force or recruited 18 yo HS cadet, which do you think they will choose?

    Remember the military lives within a budget and wants the best personnel assets like Microsoft. People forget that every branch is corporate, budgets. strategic planning, personnel, etc. More ironic about this situation is the AF is known as the Corporate of Banker Branch in the military.

    I would hope for the best, but I would nor believe that I would be off the hook because of draw down or they don't want to serve.

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