I am in the Army National Guard, and have questions about ROTC?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Theo, Jul 27, 2013.

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    Jul 27, 2013
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    I enlisted last year, and completed Basic training and AIT Already.

    I want to take advantage of TA....but debating about using my GI bill.

    My question is can I still do ROTC?

    which is why I went National guard so I can get my degree and go active as an officer.

    So wondering if it is still possible to do ROTC , two drills after graduating from AIT.

    Any advice and to whom I speak to?
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    Dec 11, 2012
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    You definitely can via Simultaneous Military Program (SMP).

    There have been many posts regarding SMP in the recent past. You should take a look how your State's Guard program offers college funding, it varies state to state. However, if you get awarded the Guaranteed Reserve Duty Force scholarship, you will not be able to commission AD.

    Here's a great place to start:SMP another option
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    You will also want to check with the NG in the state you enlisted regarding their TA. Some states have made changes to their systems, Ohio for example now requires that the cadet serve in the NG if they take the TA for College through SMP. This is in addition to the GRFD which also requires the cadet to serve in either the NG or Reserves. Not all states are the same so make sure you understand the process for your state. Make a hasty decision and you could end up having to serve in the NG or Reserves and not have the option of Active Duty.
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    Aug 9, 2012
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    Get in touch with the ROTC battalion in the school that you wish to attend. Every ROTC program has some SMP members, and they will have all the information that you will need to consider. Like other members said, SMP benefits vary from state based on their tuition assistance and other factors.

    As a graduate of basic and AIT, you won't need to attend the first two years of ROTC academic classes. Take that into account when you plan your college.

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