I-Day is Approaching Fast

Woah there bud...slow down a bit, next Ac Year's still three months away..no need to start training yet...:rolleyes:
Plus, 2010 is far from the only class that's gotten screwed by changes here.
Training is everyone's responsibility. It has such a negative connotation here. There are ways to do it and ways not to do it. In my view, we're all on the same team here and training is not just restricted to the 4/c. We're here to make better officers out of each other, not better midshipmen. To me and the rest of my class in the company, we've been training since we've walked in here, and we'll continue to train. I think about training everyday, shouldn't you too? You don't need to be a 2/c to train. Train your subordinates and your peers on a daily basis. It's never too early to practice the type of officer you want to be.
I agree with you in that training is everyone's responsibility. But, I would like to point out that you don't gain anything by posting on a message board about the value of training. If it's so important to you, then shouldn't you be out training 24/7 instead of trying to impress potential midshipmen with how much of a hardcore, motivated person you are? Just saying....:rolleyes:
Additonally, I don't think this debate has any real value for prospective midshipmen. Therefore, if you feel like continuing it, just send me a pm, and we can get this thread back to its original topic.

For 2012...enjoy these next two months, stay in good shape, and relax! No need to kill yourselves stressing out over I-Day, just ensure you're prepared physically, and you'll be fine. Trust me, graduation comes a lot faster then you'd ever think.
Every class at every academy has something that they feel they didn't deserve and that they've had it somewhat harder than the class before them. My class always said "still taking out the trash", which really represented a lot of other things. Does it really matter in the end? No, not at all. Training is important, and it is good for the 2/c to get pumped for it. As a 2/c, we found a website for the incoming class, in which some future swabs posted things they probably didn't want their cadre finding...I would advise against doing that. Other than that, I wouldn't worry about any class training you, other than do what your told, and do your best. You will be challenged to do things you think you are incapable of...and then you will quickly find out not only are you capable of completing those tasks, but you will do so successfully.

The training you should be interested in, at this point, as prospective midshipmen, is keeping in shape, acclimating yourself to the heat once it finally gets hot outside, and enjoying the few remaining months of regular civilian life. Ouitside of that...it's all up to your cadre, who at this time should be concerned about training.

That's my 2 cents.