I-day overview

Good luck to all the new appointees. Soon you will be off on a new adventure. Keep your goal in mind, your chin up and you will make it through BCT. We are all cheering for you! Aim high!
Good Luck to all of you incoming Basics. It will be rough, it will be tough, but stick with your classmates and keep each others heads up.
If you have any doubts about staying during Basic, just remember that there have been thousands of Basics before you who have survived.
Can anyone give us an idea of when we should plan to arrive at the gate? Will it take a long time to get through? DS is Cobra, reporting at 8:20 I believe.
If you're late, you might be singled out, early the same thing. You won't be sent away though. They have the report times to help out the traffic of everyone coming at once and in-processing at the same time. Get a good breakfast! If you have a later report time, maybe grab a small snack before getting here.

OH! And best of luck to all who see this before tomorrow! Look forward to hearing from Executioners Echo(CS-25).
Thank you for the help! I'm sad that I won't personally be there. DH and other DS are dropping off my cadet. Had to say goodbye to him yesterday before they flew out from PA. Hoping everyone has a good day!
Can appointees/families enter via south gate?

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I'm pretty sure you would need a military ID to enter at the South Gate. At least that is how it was the couple times we have been there.
Thank you - what a blessing this forum has been.

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I wonder how long it takes for a Basic to go through all the Inprocessing stations? How soon are they segregated into flights?
4-6 hours, they won't really be split into their flights until they're completely done though.