I Guess We Are All In Somewhat of the same Boat ...

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    I just thought I'd post a link here to a thread on the conditions of the barracks at West Point:


    I'd like to point out the basic difference in attitude of the posters on their threads to that of we Kings Pointers. I am NOT being judgmental NOR am I suggesting we Kings Pointers should change our ways. I'm just saying you'll note the difference between the attitude of those about a Military Academy and life there versus ours at a Service Academy.

    I've said for some time, I believe we are just much more direct and blunt when we feel the need for self examination and critical assessment/criticism than our Military Academy brethren. Also we are obviously much less concerned about being "politically correct" and judicious in our turns of phrase.

    Also, I'd point out to those folks, until you've been to USMMA, you "ain't seen nothing" with regard to needed rehabilitation and updating of barracks... #justsaying

    Finally so nobody gets the wrong idea, I am most pleased to see/hear that MARAD is moving forward with not only the Mallory Pier rehabs but also procurement actions for the final initial Barracks rehab and the Delano (Dining Hall) update; and especially with the upgrade of the water main connection to the local water supply which has numerous positive ramifications though it is rarely talked about or understood. Special kudos and thanks to Secretary LaHood, Administrator Matsuda, the staff at MARAD and especially Mr. Joel Szabat for making these things come to fruition and seeing they are budgeted and funded. As our Navy brethren would say - Bravo Zulu!
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